Spine Clinic And Surgery

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The Spine or vertebral column is an important, complicated structure that houses the Spinal Cord and serves as a pillar to support the body’s weight. A healthy spine is important to ensure a good quality of life. The spine however is susceptible to several medical issues; this includes diseases such as Spina bifida, Spondylolisthesis and Spinal disc herniation (slipped disc).It can also be affected by injuries caused by accidents, sports etc. Other spinal issues include birth defects and Spinal tumors.

While many Spinal issues can be treated by medicine and therapy, the modern, sedentary lifestyle has led to a massive increase in the risk of back pains and injuries, and as a consequence, the increasing need for spinal surgeries.

They are equipped with the latest in surgical instruments and are supported by capable medical professionals to ensure the right diagnosis, care and treatment of patients of spinal ailments. Also at hand are capable physiotherapists and support staff to help patients recover mobility and freedom after their surgical procedures.